THE BASICS: Call me Jehl. 21 years young. CertifiedNA. CSUFresno. Filipino. Central Cali. Amateur Freelance Photographer.
Welcome to my world,
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And he did.. em We Heart It.
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Picture Credit: 9weeks2short
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I think a part of me will always be waiting for you.
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đź‘Ž on We Heart It.
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"I mean, I’m just bummed. You put all this faith, all this hope, all this love, in one person, hoping that you get the same in response, but you don’t. And it sucks."
c.m. (via brvkendreams)

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♡ life is unfair ♡
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"When you sleep all the time, and you’re still tired. That’s true depression."

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I say I don’t give two fucks
Then I come across a photo
Or three or four and
I get all poetic and
My heart starts to ache
What’s it gonna take to
Get you out of my head?

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"Someone asked me yesterday
If I missed you
And at the time I didn’t know
If I wanted to say yes or no.
Maybe it was because the only thing that I actually missed about you
Was the way that you would touch me;
Your fingertips tracing the curves of my hips,
Your teeth on my neck,
Your fingernails drawing blood from my back,
Your mouth and hands in between my thighs.
You blew my mind
More than anyone else has before.
But saying that would make me a terrible person,
Wouldn’t it?
I don’t miss you
But I do miss fucking you
And I miss you fucking me."

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