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Stupid Over You

Unfinished. Whatever. To the person this song is about: thanks for being a dumb ass douchebag that inspired me to write this song.

I’m looking at my phone to see if you miss me
I don’t what you have over me but 
I can’t stop dreaming bout, can’t stop thinking bout
Can’t stop dreaming ‘bout you

You don’t even care to make an effort
But I’m still here willingly getting hurt
Don’t know why, even if you don’t show
That you care, I still do

Why do I send messages when I know you won’t reply
I know I’m not okay, but when you ask I say I’m fine
I know I’m not on your mind, I don’t know why you’re in mine
Can’t stop dreaming bout, can’t stop thinking bout you all the time

Why can’t I be over you
Why can’t I like someone new
Why would I rather be stuck here
Being stupid over you
Why can’t I just build a bridge
Why can’t I get over you
It seems like no matter what I do
I’m stuck here stupid over you

I kinda hate it when them others try to hit you up
I know I said that before
But as the seconds, minutes, hours and days go by
I feel it more and more

It’s like I don’t exist even when I’m in front of you
What would you do if I confronted you
I’m getting tired, and yes I lied when I said that it’s okay

This is getting outta hand outta control
Where the hell do you get off denying it all
But I just cant forget about or not care about 
Everything about you

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